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LifeSeasons is a  counseling and therapy practice in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Metro area that helps couples, individuals, and families work on issues that interfere with a full and satisfying life and rewarding relationships. Judy Pinke is a marriage and family therapist, so she readily acknowledges the effect of other people on clients’ lives—and how hard it can be to be without the kind of people you want to have in your life.

It is time for therapy if you personally can't keep on how you're going now or if your relationship is struggling, stuck, falling apart, or entering a new phase. It’s also time for counseling if your frustration or anger is overwhelming. But it is not time to give up hope.

Working together in a variety of ways, suited to your particular situation, and dealing directly with what you are worried about, we can change the way things are going now. For instance, it can be important to face front-on the tough things in your relationship and figure out how to deal with them. Whether it’s marriage counseling, couples counseling, individual needs, or family conflict, we will find ways to build your courage to thrive instead of just survive day-to-day.

Individual therapy because you sad young women

  • feel sad too often or almost hopeless
  • can’t sleep or sleep too much
  • have too much anger that comes on too fast
  • don’t have enough social connections
  • can’t concentrate
  • are engaged in an emotional or sexual workplace affair with problems
  • can’t get certain thoughts out of your mind
  • have a creative block you can’t break through
  • aren’t getting ahead with your career as you thought you would, maybe because you don’t understand office or gender politics

Possibly you can’t shake the results of childhood experiences, such as

  • trauma
    • sexual assault, sexual abuse, or incest
    • receiving or seeing physical violence
    • emotional or psychological abuse
    • a parent’s or friend’s death
    • natural or manmade accident or disaster
  • physical or emotional neglect
    • nowhere to turn for help with problems
    • had to fend for yourself when upset
  • chaos family problems
    • growing up in an alcoholic or other addictive family
    • isolation from extended family
    • a parent with many partners
    • other major family dysfunction
  • poor attachment to family members because the adult you wanted to trust left you feeling insecure, unsafe, or confused

Perhaps in your adult life, the after-effects of issues from your adolescence haunt your happiness, such as

  • sexual assault, rape
  • experiences of bias or bullying during the time you were developing your sense of who you are
  • feeling on the outside of teen groups or being different in ways that others seemed to look down on
  • a family situation that required you to make decisions for yourself that didn’t turn out okay
  • unresolved shame for unintended consequences of what you did
  • your family said or implied that something about you made them cast you away

Relationship problemscouple not talking

  • arguments that don't end until you are angry or, at best, someone backs away
  • feeling alone or not being heard
  • a partner who is distant emotionally
  • betrayal
    • one of you had an affair
    • breaking other important promises
    • individual financial decisions that affect you both
    • finding out past history you weren’t aware of
  • if the one you love had childhood trauma or a later rape or sexual assault
  • times you feel hurt or upset but can’t talk about it
  • differing parenting or money values
  • addictions

Perhaps you’re thinking it might be time to end the relationship but still are not sure.

Or, maybe you want to make sure you are starting off right if you are newly engaged.

Adult families, with all their history,

family togetherSometimes have a challenge around one family member’s issues:

  • chronic pain or illness
  • end of life concerns
  • caregiving responsibilities
  • inability to continue to care for self
  • Alzheimer’s, FTD, or other dementia
  • unexpected death of a loved one
  • unresolved issues as adult child of alcohol abuse parent

Sometimes adult families never resolved their differences but

  • don’t want to solve the conflict by cutting off from the family
  • can’t cut off because of a family-owned business
  • cut off, but now your children have no grandparents or other extended family

Or, a family may have issues or relationships that never get resolved—and they are heating up now in a particularly frustrating way.

Finally, you may be looking for something new in your lifeconfused women

  • a new direction
  • spiritual or psychological growth
  • new ways of relating to people
  • a major life transition
  • use of mindfulness or other meditation tools
  • sticking to new goals and commitments

LifeSeasons welcomes

  • both traditional and unusual approaches to partnering
  • LGBTQ couples
  • ethnic or racial background, especially with different backgrounds between partners
  • alternative culture or world views

In the words of Dr. Pauline Boss:

Thriving is more than coping or overcoming: it’s maintaining one’s spirit for living life with joy.